• A close up of a woman's face looking down and to the side
    Why are teenage girls having such a tough time?
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    A recent study in the Guardian suggested that parents are overlooking the mental health of their teenage daughters.
  • A woman smiling
    A Big Step for Mental Health
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    Yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn appointed the first ever Shadow Minister for Mental Health to take a place in his Shadow Cabinet.
  • A sky of grey clouds with light shining through
    Britain’s Mental Health – A Gathering Storm?
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    It is no secret that there is an ongoing mental health crisis in the UK right now.
  • England rugby players holding each other in a line and looking to the sky
    How the England Rugby Team Manage Their Mental Health
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    On the eve of the Rugby World Cup, as England prepare to start their campaign against Fiji tonight in Twichenhan, they have given an insight to HuffPost UK Lifestyle...
  • A young woman sitting on stairs with school supplies under her arms
    University – Not All One Big Party
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    It’s that time of year when young adults fly the nest and go off to university. For some, this the first time they will be away from their parents and families for a long period of time...
  • Marco Van Basten in a Dutch football shirt
    Marco Van Basten – Why Stress Made Me Quit
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    Marco van Basten, one of the greatest footballers to play the game, has recently quit his role as a high profile manager due to stress, and has been incredibly open about his experience.
  • Vincent Van Gogh self portrait
    Mental Health in Art
    by Ciaran O'Brien
    For all our scientific and sociological advances, how moving that art first depicted centuries ago can still perfectly define the feelings experienced...
  • Can You Really Be Addicted to Sex?
    Can You Really Be Addicted to Sex?
    by Owen Redahan
    Some therapists question as to whether sex addictions actually exists. Some believe that it doesn’t.