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Because of social distancing, in-person encounters are less possible. It is necessary to rise to the challenge and adjust to the new ways of being social. Those who are struggling to get by should reach out to a therapist. A mental health provider can assist anyone struggling with emotional difficulties, life challenges, or mental health concerns, providing much-needed support during hard times. While it can be a major adjustment, therapy can be an incredible and worthwhile support system. Talking to a friend is free, but a therapist can provide the necessary cognitive and emotional skills to lead a happier life. Sometimes, online therapy may be the best option. 

Online therapy is a fantastic way to benefit from human contact 

Online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy. To be more precise, there is no difference in the quality of the relationship the mental health provider has with the client, even if there is no opportunity to observe the patient. The session can be scheduled more frequently owing to the fact that clients do not have to commute long distances. Individuals in remote areas can get invaluable help from specialists that are not available in their geographic location. A minimum of 6-12 sessions should be expected. Therapy from a distance has reported considerable levels of satisfaction concerning feeling supported and encouraged.

How does online therapy work for British expats who live in Dubai? 

Movement restrictions and stay-at-home measures have been imposed in the UAE on March 26. Staying at home for such extended periods, more often than not in a living space that looks onto a pair of brick-paved courtyards, has a significant impact on the mental health of the local citizens of Dubai. Anxiety, depression, and stress are just some of the problems reported from the coronavirus pandemic. There is so much uncertainty that it can be very hard to manage psychological well-being. There may be days, weeks, even months of lockdown left. 

Dubai accommodates many British expatriates, who should prioritise their mental health. Besides the changes to social activities, there are new job challenges, not to mention the loss of the support network. Those living in a location where they do not have access to English-speaking therapists should seek online therapy. People can communicate in real-time through text messaging, email, video conferencing, web-based chat, and Internet phones. Online therapy does not comprise blogs, public forums, or group emails, just to be clear. 

English-speaking therapists based in the UK become closely involved with a client for a continuous, professional counselling relationship through synchronous or asynchronous communications. It is hardly the first time that distance communication has been used. Not many know that Sigmund Freud used letters to communicate with his clients. Getting back on topic, relocating to a different country comes with its own set of hardships and concerns. If they are not overcome, they can trigger mental health issues. Those living and working in Dubai may find it hard to explain what they are going through. Talking to a therapist can turn out to be of great help. 

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