Opening up and coming Out LTBG Affirmative


Opening up and coming out

Affirmative counselling or therapy for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people can help if you are feeling stressed, depressed or discriminated against because of your gender identity.  LGBT affirmative therapy can help you a great deal whether you are having problems with your sexuality, feel unsure of your gender identity or even afraid of what the future may bring.  If you feel frightened and insecure then LGBT affirmative counselling can provide you with a positive way forward and enable you to come to terms with the way you feel.

Taking control

This type of therapy is also used frequently when people have confirmed their sexual orientation but are having problems dealing with it positively.  This may be due to their own feelings of those of their family.  There can be many issues to face once you come out as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans and it can be an incredibly stressful process.  If you are feeling at a crossroads when it comes to your sexual ID, struggling with self-esteem, confidence or rejection or simply having a hard time dealing with the responses of your family and friends, this type of counselling can provide you with a way forward towards a brighter future whilst at the same time taking control of your problems.

Making your choice a positive one

This type of counselling can also help when difficulties are encountered with employers, work mates or partners.  Everything can become more stressful during this somewhat complex period in your life, particularly if your religious faith comes into play.  Whilst many will be very understanding and helpful, there are often a few associates that will not be quite so accommodating.

LGBT therapy will help by allowing you to consult with a counsellor, analyst or psychotherapist who will encourage you to talk through the whole mix of problems that you are encountering, both emotional and personal.  This therapy will show you how to accept your sexuality as a positive choice, affirming who you are and not being afraid of being you.

Power ways to manage change

Your therapy will explore the importance of your sexual identity whilst at the same time showing you powerful ways in which you can manage the changes in your life as well as your transition.  If necessary, your therapist will provide you with ways to deal with emotions such as loss and depression and work towards making progress towards a life free from suffering.

The aim of the LGBT affirmative counselling is to provide each person with a sense of contentment and happy with their choice, whether they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans.  Professional help can enable you to do this in such a way that the change will not be as painful or full of conflict, with help provided by a skilled counsellor who will be sensitive to your needs and fully aware of the issues and difficulties involved.  They will understand that it can be extremely unpleasant to experience sexual discrimination and that difficulties with friends and family can appear to be overwhelming at times.

Showing you the way forward

It is important to consult with a skilled LGBT affirmative counsellor who can provide you with a wealth of support.   An informed and attuned therapist will provide you with a confidential and safe space in which to express yourself, enabling you to move forwards towards a future free from fear or worry

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