Phone therapy; is it really as effective as face-to-face?


Nowadays, everyone has access to a phone of some type whether it’s the latest smartphone or a traditional landline.  This means that using the phone in lots of different ways is becoming increasingly popular and none more so than during therapy.

Why make use of therapy over the phone?

Using your phone to speak to your therapist means that you can talk to them from a distance and at a time and place to suits you.  Even if you are travelling extensively, your consultations with your therapist do not need to stop.  Phone therapy can even help clients who feel embarrassed or reluctant to seek help; because they can remain anonymous to a certain extent while on the phone. This can mean that they are far more likely to seek help with any mental healthcare issues.

Once you find a therapist that suits you and that can deliver phone therapy, it will be much the same process as when working face-to-face; a bespoke programme of treatment will be put together for you and phone sessions will take place on a regular basis.  How many you need will depend upon the problem being treated and how well you respond to therapy.

When therapy is provided to you by phone, you have a far greater choice and even more flexibility.  You don’t have to travel, you can work with a therapist based anywhere within the UK and no matter how remote your location, you can access professional help.

Is phone therapy as effective as face-to-face?

Evidence shows that many types of psychological therapy, particularly cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) can be extremely effective when provided by phone.  It is also not limited to treating only certain mental health problems as all types of issues can be dealt with including stress, anxiety and depression.  Levels of client satisfaction can also be equally high as when dealing face-to-face. The only time that phone therapy may not be suitable is if you are suffering from a severe mental illness or feeling suicidal; in this case you should consult with a doctor as a matter of urgency and not wait to speak to a therapist by phone.  Even if you have a physical condition which is causing a negative psychological impact, such as cancer or chronic pain, phone therapy can still be incredibly helpful in enabling you to cope.

Find a therapist to suit you

Deciding to get help via phone therapy does take some degree of self-motivation but the fact that you can choose from a vast range of therapists, located anywhere, should enable you to find one that you really gel with and with whom you feel you can create a good relationship.  This is crucial if any type of therapy is to work well.  Everything that you discuss will be treated with utmost confidence and you need not worry that because you are speaking via phone that your therapist will not adhere to secure practices during your sessions.

If you require help finding a phone therapist to suit you, do fill in the form on our website and we will provide you with details of suitable counsellors and phone therapists to choose from.

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