Relationship counsellor – can they help?


It is natural to face problems in any relationship at some point of time and consider taking professional help, such as, consulting a relationship counsellor. 

Usually 1 in 3 couples face some or the other kind of trouble at some point in their relationship. Some of the common issues that couples face these days include – 

  • A feeling of isolation and neglect 
  • Trust issues (that deepen over time) 
  • Misunderstandings, and
  • Lack of communication. 

However, no issue is too big.

Usually, all problems can be sorted with a little extra time, effort, and commitment from both the people involved. One of the best ways to tackle these issues is to take help from an experienced relationship counsellor and let them guide you to a healthier, more fulfilling relationship. 

5 Ways in Which a Relationship Counsellor Can Help  

Here are 5 simple ways in which a therapy session with a qualified therapist can help save your relationship and strengthen it over time – 

Gain a deeper understanding of your relationship 

Certain aspects of your relationship are hidden from the two of you, or maybe you never gave it any thought. By taking the help of a counsellor, you can better understand your relationship dynamic and take steps accordingly to fix any issues that you are facing. 

Get an opinion from an impartial, third-party 

When two people in a relationship fight or argue over something, it is natural for them to seek opinions from friends and family. However, more often than not, you will get biased advice from these sources. Only a third party with no actual interest in the matter can offer genuine, actionable advice. A relationship counsellor can play that role.

Create a safe space for each other 

We often tend to bottle up our emotions and stop discussing things with our partners. Sometimes all you need to resolve a conflict is a small, safe space where both parties can open up and share their thoughts, fears, and emotions. Therapy offers a safe space for both of you to share things that you have been keeping to yourself. 

Learn effective ways to handle conflict

A qualified therapist will also be able to teach you some great, effective ways to handle conflict. You can learn different ways to cope with a situation and develop your strategies of dealing with issues in the future. 

Improve your relationship 

A relationship counsellor can vastly improve your relationship. However, the two of you should be genuinely committed to understanding each other. You should both be willing to invest time and effort into fixing things. 

Connect with a relationship counsellor 

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