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Child counselling is available to help many patients that require a specific form of therapy. Skilled professional child counsellors will make use of such things as drawing and play to enable children to express their troubles in a way that is easy for them.

A safe and therapeutic environment

Child counsellors and therapists understand that they need to create a safe and therapeutic environment in which the children can feel secure and begin to express themselves according to their age. Additional forms of communication such as telling stories or using puppets or dolls can also help.

Child counselling sessions can be a major help in enabling children to talk about things that are causing them to feel worried, upset or afraid. This in turn releases their pent up emotions and feelings which can be at the root of any troubling behaviour. Depending upon the age of the child and the circumstances, parents or carers may be asked to attend the first few meetings.

You and your child

If you find yourself in the position whereby your child is exhibiting problematic or disturbing behaviour then child counselling sessions with a trained therapist or psychoanalyst can help you to get to the bottom of what is causing the problems. The child analyst may also encourage parents to get involved at home by spending some quiet time with their child, listening to what they have to say and doing their best to communicate effectively.

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