Coherence Therapy

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Coherence therapy can be used in treatment with individuals, couples, and families. It has been used as a complement to the Internal Family Systems model, and some therapists have found it particularly effective when used in therapy with adolescents and teenagers, as the approach emphasizes the importance of allowing changes to be made when the individual is ready to make them. 

This approach is intended to help a person achieve results by examining their concerns, or symptoms, and the potential causes or roots of them. As such, it is not designed to treat any specific issue and can therefore be beneficial in the treatment of any number of mental health and emotional concerns. The developers have compiled case studies discussing the approach's use in the treatment of depressionpanicanxiety. underachievement, and couples counseling, but it may also be quite effective in the treatment of many other presenting issues. 

Because individuals may see results after just a few sessions, this modality may be a good approach for individuals who do not wish to pursue a lengthy course of therapy. Research suggests many people can quickly achieve real and lasting change in belief perceptions and the implications these perceptions have on their emotional state.

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