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Technology has made our life easier and more convenient, so it comes as no surprise that, in recent years, email therapy has become a very effective and popular service. Compared to more traditional forms of therapy, email online therapy brings on some distinct benefits. For example, with email counselling, you have more time to formulate your questions clearly, and when you get your therapist’s answer, you can take the time to really absorb and understand their response. 

Email therapy can easily be adapted to your particular lifestyle and circumstances, making it easier for emergency sessions and removing potential obstacles such as distance, time management issues and privacy. 

What are the benefits of email online therapy?

Online therapy has changed the life of many people, making counselling more and more accessible to anyone. Having a therapist that you can write to anytime you feel uneasy makes coping with difficult situations much easier. Here are some of the most important benefits of online email therapy:


Unlimited access to professionals

Clients who choose email therapy have the freedom to pick a counsellor from anywhere in the world, regardless of geographical distance. This way, you can focus on aspects such as professional experience, orientation and specialization when you choose your future counsellor. 


Clients don’t need to get out of their house or drive in order to get to an appointment. You can have the same care in the comfort of your own home and at your own convenience. You don’t need to make room in your busy schedule for a therapy session, as you can send an email to your counsellor whenever you get some free time, then you can read their response at a time you find you are most comfortable with doing so. 


Therapy can sometimes be expensive, which prevents many people from getting the help they need. Email therapy, however, is far more cost-effective, because it eliminates costs from counsellors. A big portion of the fee you are paying to a traditional therapist go into office facilities, the counsellor’s commuting and maintenance. With internet therapy, however, most of these costs disappear, which make the fee significantly lower.


The stigma around going to psychotherapy is unfortunately still present, which is why many people avoid going to a therapist’s office out of fear of being seen by someone. Email therapy is a good solution them, as it is far more discreet and offers a very high level of privacy. It can take place in the comfort of your own home, while on lunch break at the office, or while travelling. 


Some people find it difficult to open up and speak to a person that is physically present in the same room, looking at them and writing things down in a notebook. In writing, however, we find it easier to communicate, making the message much clear and adding an extra layer of mental safety.

Opportunity to reflect

When you have every response from your therapist in writing, it gets much easier to go back and reflect on a piece of advice they gave you when you feel you need some guidance. It is kind of like keeping documentation of your entire process that you have access to at any given time. At the same time, the counsellor has time to reflect on your email and provide better responses than in person. 

How does email counselling work?

While the course of an online therapy session depends on the therapist and what approach they choose, email counselling usually works very simply. You can take the time to compose an email to your therapist, in which you explain your issues, ask them questions or just take things off your chest. This way, you have the liberty to choose whether to ask for advice before a certain important event or simply express your thoughts as they occur and send a more detailed email periodically. 

The therapist will then allocate a therapy hour when your email is carefully read, reviewed and replied to. In their response, they will provide you with support, feedback, suggestions, as well as ask questions or give you assignments that with aid your progress. 

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