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Family counselling can be helpful for many if they are experiencing problems that are resulting in disruptive or troubling behaviour. From constant tiny squabbles to major bust-ups and upsetting arguments, the whole family set-up can be interspersed with feelings of anger, resentment and upset.

Our families are here to support us and offer a safe haven but at times that can be thrown out of line so that members find themselves in turmoil due to misunderstandings. Your family counsellor can assist by helping everyone to share their innermost thoughts and feelings which they might not normally do outside of the therapist’s office.

Essential wellbeing

Family counselling can be essential to the wellbeing of the family group; it is from here that we learn how to develop feelings of respect and love and learn to communicate. If this goes badly wrong then other problems can manifest which can result in long lasting negative effects later on. Whether your family problems are minor or major, a skilled family therapist will help by challenging your current state of being and getting down to the areas that are creating stress and upset. The younger members of the family may end up suffering from both mental and behavioural issues if stresses within the family are left unresolved.

Varied problems

Here are just a few of the triggers that a professional family counselor can help with; problems due to:

  • Academic worries
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Divorce
  • Finances
  • Grief
  • Illness

Whatever the cause of the stress or distress, the functioning of the family can suffer and plummet very quickly. Living so closely together, it is important for family members to get along so that things like major conflict, behavioural problems in children, family stress and depression are kept under wraps.

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