What is Telephone Counselling?

Telephone therapy, also known as telephone counselling, phone counselling or phone therapy, is the process of talking to a therapist via telephone or Skype to resolve mental health issues, beliefs, feelings and life problems. 

Phone counselling is becoming more and more popular due to the huge growth in mobile telecommunications and much wider access to the web. 

Telephone therapy is a great way of connecting to a professional therapist at a time that fits with your schedule and from a location that you prefer. 

Why do people use Telephone Counselling?

Many of our clients make use of telephone counselling due to issues such as:

Lack of time

They are unable to schedule an office-based appointment or travel to see a counsellor or therapist.

Physical hurdles

Some clients have physical hurdles that may prevent them from travelling easily, while others prefer being in the comfort of their own home.

Shyness or embarrassment

They prefer to keep their counselling session online and remote because it feels more confidential and discreet.

Agrophobia or social anxiety

Numerous phobias and mental health issues may prevent clients from travelling or spending time in new environments.

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How Telephone Counselling Works

Counselling by phone is similar to traditional face-to-face counselling. It provides a private window in which you can talk one-to-one with a therapist about issues affecting your life.

Like other forms of therapy, you arrange for an initial consultation where your chosen counsellor assesses your situation. Assessment by phone often speeds up the process as there is greater flexibility with appointment times and so it is easier to ‘connect’. 

The phone therapist is qualified in just the same way as a face-to-face therapist and will listen to you and talk to you about an appropriate programme of therapy treatment.

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In these difficult and extremely challenging times, it’s so important to reach out and ask for help. By sharing your anxieties and not letting them bottle them up, you elevate some of the understandable stresses and feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

Talking to a professional provides you with understanding, support and calm and a safe space to explore your anxieties.

Phone Counselling for a Brighter Future

Telephone Therapy is therapy which helps children, adolescents or adults receive therapy from a therapist via traditional telephone calls, or Skype and FaceTime. 

Often, telephone therapy is supplemented with other online therapy, such as text based services or email.

More and more people are coming around to the idea of telephone therapy, and recent research shows that telephone therapy has just as much therapeutic value as face to face therapy, and in some instances, even more so.

There are advantages and disadvantages to telephone therapy, but these are all subjective, and objectively speaking, telephone therapy is a viable way for someone to get help. 

Telephone therapy is also a priceless way of helping people who do not have the means or opportunity to attend face-to-face sessions, to receive the help that they want to receive.

Phone Counselling Sessions

Phone counselling sessions normally last from 30 minutes to an hour, but there is flexibility and so you can have shorter or longer phone counselling sessions to fit with your specific needs. 

Phone counselling offers you more freedom than traditional methods of counselling. This makes counselling more accessible to those who need therapy. 

Committing to a phone therapy session is a far easier than committing to seeing a therapist in a treatment room, which generally involves travel and so much more time. 
This is particularly relevant for those who find it difficult to travel. 

In addition, phone therapy offers far greater anonymity, and people often find it easier to open up about problems without being face to face with a therapist.  

Phone therapy can help with depression, bereavement, anxiety and any other issue that face to face counselling can also help with.

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