Phone Therapy for Couples

Need counselling to solve severe problems in your relationship? Couples phone therapy can be an excellent solution for you and your partner to work through your issues constructively. 

Phone therapy is a form of therapy that has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last decade. Phone therapy brings various benefits on the table, including flexibility, comfort, anonymity, and even reduced costs. 

Couples phone therapy aims to help couples who are dealing with severe conflicts resolve them in a constructively way. It can be difficult to understand your partner’s point of view as well as it can be difficult to make your partner understand yours. Thus, the job of a couples phone therapist is to guide your sessions in a way that your discussion will make both of you realize that you need to work together towards resolving your conflict, instead of against each other. 

How does couples phone therapy work? 

Couples phone therapy works like traditional couples therapy that happens in a face-to-face setting. However, unlike traditional in-office sessions, phone therapy happens through the phone. 

What’s great about couples phone therapy is that it provides a private window in which you and your partner can talk with a therapist about your relationship problems in intimacy, and anonymity if you choose so. 

Couples therapy though phone often speeds up the process as it allows flexibility with appointment times. Plus, it also makes it easier to connect. The phone therapist is as qualified as face-to-face therapists and can listen to your relationship problems and provide the right treatment to help you find solutions. 

The benefits of couples phone therapy 

Using technology, therapists can now connect with couples who need help from any location. This is perhaps one of the most significant benefits of couples phone therapy: it can happen no matter where you or your spouse are. Your spouse can be by your side or in a remote location. But you can still both attend the therapy session as your therapist is only one phone away. 

Another great benefit of couples phone therapy is that it eliminates the added stress put on your relationship to coordinate your schedule with your partner. Phone therapists are very flexible about scheduling the appointment since it happens through the phone. 

What’s more, since you’ll be receiving therapy from your own couch, the stress of traveling to the therapist’s office is eliminated. Moreover, from the comfort of your own home, you and your spouse might feel more comfortable to discuss your issues openly. 

Should you seek help from a couples therapist? 

No relationship is perfect, and every couple has conflicts once in a while. However, if the disputes between you and your partner seem to persist, hurt both of you, and you feel like there’s no way to resolve them, you and your partner should seek couples phone therapy. 

Attending couples phone therapy sessions can help you and your spouse learn how to resolve your issues constructively by working together towards finding a solution, instead of working against each other. 

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