Individual Skype Therapy

Modern communication tools have made it easier than ever before to access professional mental health solutions. Whether you have a busy lifestyle and you can’t find room in your schedule for face-to-face therapy sessions, or you’d simply be more comfortable discussing your concerns from the comfort of your home, Skype therapy can be a solution for you. 

Although it’s not a new concept, Skype therapy gained widespread popularity in 2020, when many patients discovered that they can receive the same high level of support without leaving their homes. What’s more, people who have hesitated to go to therapy started sessions online and discovered how they can improve their lives. 

Skype therapy offers the same benefits as traditional therapy – the only thing that’s different is the channel by which they take place. Instead of seeing a therapist in-person, you will be talking online, via Skype. Otherwise, you can contact an online therapist for any mental health concern, including anxiety, depression, couples counselling, PTSD, and phobias.

Is Skype therapy effective?

Yes, it is. 

Online therapy is one of the leading types of telehealth services and, especially during the lockdown, many people have relied on it to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. 

What’s more, multiple studies have shown that online therapy is just as effective as conventional therapy. 

According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, online therapy sessions offer results similar to those of face-to-face sessions, and a 2018 study published in the Journal of Psychological Disorders found that online therapy is both effective and practical. 

The response from patients who took online therapy sessions was overwhelmingly positive: 98% of them said that online counselling is more practical than face-to-face therapy and 88% of them said that, in the long term, online counselling is more affordable. 

Online therapy is changing the way people perceive mental health services. If you’ve been under a lot of stress recently, or you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns, you can begin treatment from the comfort of your home. 

Accredited Skype therapists

The therapists listed on UK Therapy Guide are experienced and belong to accrediting bodies for counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK: United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) or the lead accrediting body for cognitive behaviour therapists which is the British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).

Is Skype therapy for me?

Everyone has different expectations from therapy, and one person’s favourite format might not work so well for another. Your personal preferences are the most important factor to keep in mind when choosing how to have therapy. You’re the one who decides if a particular format is convenient for you. 

Here are some key factors to help you decide if Skype therapy is for you: 


  • You have a busy lifestyle and can’t fit conventional sessions into your schedule. Wit Skype therapy, the hours are more flexible, and you can even schedule them in the evening. 
  • You are a stay-at-home parent, and you cannot find a babysitter or caretaker to look after your children while you are away. 
  • You live in a remote area, and you don’t want to spend hours driving to and from therapy. 
  • You cannot travel for health reasons. 
  • You aren’t satisfied with the therapists available in your area. Online therapy gives you access to a huge database of certified counsellors from all across the UK, so you will no longer be limited by distance. 
  • You would feel more comfortable starting treatment online. 
  • You were already having face-to-face sessions, but you cannot continue going due to lockdown restrictions. 
  • You travel a lot, and you want to ensure treatment continuity while you are away. 
  • You’ve never been to therapy before, but you want to look after your mental health and want to see what a session feels like. 

Frequently asked questions about Skype therapy.

What equipment do I need for Skype counselling sessions?
You online need a device connected to the Internet (desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet), and a Skype account, which is free to set up.

How should I prepare before the sessions?
Skype therapy sessions don’t require more preparation than a video call with your friend. To make sure you can establish a connection, we recommend checking your Internet connection before the session and making sure your microphone is working. After you’ve checked the technical part, settle into a comfortable spot, and make yourself a cup of tea. Keep in mind that once the session is over, you might feel the need to process your feelings, so try to schedule the session when you don’t have plans immediately after.

Can I choose my therapist?
Yes, you can. On UK Therapy Guide, we have many Skype counsellors and Skype psychotherapists you can choose from. To find a therapist, choose your preferred service, and browse the list of profiles. For each therapist, you can see their photo, fees, session format, location, and specialist areas.

What types of mental health concerns does Skype therapy offer?
You can schedule a session with a Skype therapist for any mental health concern, such as stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, lack of self-confidence, family counselling, phobias, and much more. You can find all of these under the “Issues” menu and, when viewing a therapist profile, you can check their specialist areas to see if they cover your desired service.

Are the sessions confidential?
Yes. Skype therapy sessions are completely confidential, just like face-to-face sessions. The therapists are accredited by UK accrediting bodies, and they are bound by a strict code of ethics. You can discuss your concerns in full confidence, knowing that everything you say will stay between you and your therapist.

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