Telephone counselling stories


For many years, seeing a counsellor meant travelling a certain distance, sitting down on a sofa, and talking about your concerns face-to-face. But, while this might still be the preferred version of therapy for most people, there are other solutions out there, such as telephone counselling. Done over the phone in 30 or 60-minute sessions, telephone counselling is just as effective because you’re talking to a certified professional: someone who knows what you’re dealing with, and how to help you heal. Telephone counselling can be expanded through email, chat, or Skype sessions, but that’s not a rule.


What are the benefits of telephone counselling?

Over the years, many of our previous clients have shared their telephone counselling stories and explained that this option helped them most when they: 


  • Didn’t have time to go to the therapist’s physical office 

  • Were living in a remote area 

  • Had mobility issues 

  • Felt uncomfortable leaving the house

  • Wanted an affordable version of counselling 

  • Needed more privacy 

Needless to say, telephone counselling has become even more popular during COVID-19, when counsellor offices were closed, and people had to stay indoors.


Some of our successful telephone counselling stories 

Here are some of the stories that our satisfied clients wanted to share: 


My first experience talking to a counsellor has been over the phone and, in time, it made me feel more comfortable with the idea of talking to a counsellor in person. Even if the sessions weren’t face to face, I could definitely feel a connection. My counsellor was always encouraging, kind, and non-judgemental. – Donald Fawcett 


Having mobility issues prevents me from going to face-to-face therapy, so for me telephone counselling is the only possible form of counselling. It’s greatly helped me with my anxiety and ever since I’ve been taking sessions, I’m in a much better place, mentally. – Darlene Wells 


I have been taking telephone and Skype sessions for a few months and they’ve been a huge help for my mental health. I love how convenient they are. As a single mom, it’s difficult for me to arrange face-to-face meetings, so the fact that all I have to do is pick up the phone or laptop is a huge plus. I’ve never felt that my counsellor couldn’t understand me, it’s as if she was in the room with me. – Ellen Brewer 


The last year hasn’t been so kind on my mental health, so quarantine found me in a pretty bad spot. Thankfully, I could still continue the counselling sessions over the phone, which helped me out a lot. I had to problem maintain that connection even if my counsellor wasn’t in the room with me and, seeing that they work so well, I think I might turn to phone counselling in the future too. – Scott Thompson 

If you’re struggling with your mental health or just feel the need to talk to someone, remember that help is only one phone call away. Besides, you have access to a wide choice of therapists, and you can schedule your sessions whenever you like. 

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