The problem with social media, feeling isolated and why music makes us more productive


This week we’re taking another look at how social media images can affect our sense of self, how music can make us all feel a lot more productive and why too much time on the internet could breed feelings of isolation. 

Images of friends have a big impact on body image and wellbeing

It’s no secret that looking at images of celebrities and models can have a negative impact on someone’s body image – especially if that person has underlying challenges with insecurity, self-esteem and disordered eating. However, a new study claims that it’s not looking at the bodies of celebs that can impact people’s view of themselves the most, but images of their friends and peers on social media.

The study is small, but it’s interesting to think that many of us may be fully aware images in magazines and on TV aren’t representative of real bodies, yet social media is a different environment that we perceive to be much more “real”.

A story about battling mental health in the advertising industry

To those on the outside, the advertising industry seems like it’d be quite stressful. But it also seems like it’d pay well and come with a lot of praise and glamour, right? Well, just like every other industry and profession many of those working in media and advertising have mental health challenges. In Campaign this week an ad exec shares his really personal story about his experience with bipolar affective disorder.

But rather than feel sad and concerned he struggled for so long, let’s be hopeful that the more people who share their stories the better equipped industries and employers will be to deal with these challenges in the long run.

Research suggests music can make you happier and more productive

It won’t come as a huge surprise to many music lovers, but we love this post that collects together all kinds of research about the benefits of listening to music as a way to cheer you up, calm anxiety and even make you more productive.

Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be a one-size-fits-all approach, some people like listening to lyrics, others don’t. Some prefer ambient music, others like music that energises them. If you’ve been looking for a way to feel more focused on your work, we definitely recommend giving the whole article a good read – even some of the more dry research is fascinating, probably because we all love music so much.

Psychologists say social media is making us more lonely

You’d be forgiven for thinking social media makes us feel happier and more connected. After all, there’s never been such a quick and effective way to get in touch with friends, relatives and colleagues with the click of a button. But yet another study now suggests that instead of bringing us closer, it’s actually making us feel a lot more isolated.

According to researchers, more than 2 hours a day of exposure to social networks doubles the chance of a person experiencing social isolation. They don’t yet know for definite whether it’s social media use that’s causing these feelings of loneliness, or whether socially isolated people are more likely to rely on the internet for contact.

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