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Besarta Zogaj - Therapist

Besarta Zogaj

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You are not broken. You may be experiencing emotional injury, and/or psychological distress, but this does not communicate brokenness. On the contrary, this communicates an emotional BUILD. You might be struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, women's issues, trauma, grief, loss, low self-esteem, low self-worth, etc. It may even be likely that you have learned how to live in a way that attempts to guard you from any additional emotional injuries. Essentially, your life experiential may have taught you how to build a wall of emotional defense, but that is not your truest self
That very wall that you have built to protect your true self, may be the obstacle that is keeping you from experiencing the fullness of life. Let's work together to reclaim your strength and reopen access to your internal resources like that of Trust, Freedom, Tolerance, and Truth.
I believe that most individuals possess the innate capacity to heal themselves, but may lack insight due to emotional or psychological distress. I encourage my clients to be in consciousness with the self; ultimately, aiding their ability to access a more balanced, peaceful, and productive life.

  • Bachelor (Psychology)
  • Masters(Clinical and Developmental Neuropsychology)

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