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Catherine Allen - Therapist

Catherine Allen

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    335 City Road, London, EC1V 1LJ

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I'm am a psychotherapist and counsellor who has worked with a wide variety of clients in a specialist bereavement service, a university counselling service, the NHS and private practice.

People seek support for many different reasons and I have worked with clients experiencing

• Depression, Anxiety and Stress
• Loneliness, a sense of disconnection
• Difficulties building/sustaining relationships and experiencing intimacy
• The effects of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse
• Abusive adult relationships
• The impact of an absent parent during childhood

I have also worked with people adjusting to change, which may include

• becoming a parent
• involuntary childlessness
• growing older
• menopause
• life after children are grown
• caring for/loss of parents
• divorce and separation
• retirement and redundancy


I describe my way of working as ‘integrative’ – which simply means I call on a variety of approaches, suited to your particular needs - whether we focus on a current dilemma and work towards specific goals or explore past experiences in more depth – helping you to gain awareness and insight into your individual experience. A chance to "think out loud" and hear your own voice, perhaps for the first time.

I consider our earliest relationships to be the foundation of life. That's where we first gain a sense of self, what's expected of us and what we can expect from the world. The therapeutic relationship offers an opportunity to explore whether those iinternalised ideas carried forward into adult life are still appropriate.

I see therapy as an opportunity to explore your potential for flexibility and change. I aim to provide a space in which you can begin to feel able to make choices about the future.

  • Post-Graduate Counselling Diploma
  • Advance Counselling Diploma
  • MA - Integrative Psychotherapy

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