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Catriona Howatson - Therapist

Miss Catriona Howatson

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I am an experienced psychotherapist working in private practice. I have also previously worked in HMPS and NHS primary care. My clients are often successful, fulfilled people who nevertheless feel they need somewhere to think about complex matters affecting their emotional wellbeing. Psychotherapy is a serious and important undertaking, and new clients have a lot of uncertainty to consider. I can help you think about what you are hoping for out of therapy, and what it might mean for you. Clients report finding benefits in improved relationships – not least with themselves – which in turn mean more satisfaction and creativity in work, family, and recreation. I welcome all enquiries. You can always arrange a one-off consultation to help you think about starting therapy. I provide open-ended psychotherapy at frequencies of once or twice a week. I also have extensive experience of time-limited psychotherapy of up to 16 sessions if clients have a particular issue that is suitable for a short-term intervention. I have specialist experience of borderline personality disorder.

I aim to offer a safe, confidential, and emotionally secure space for thinking and talking, so that clients feel supported in exploring the matters that are on their minds. This approach then enables those who are looking for a more profound and searching approach to start to move into a more intense examination of psychic and emotional states. How people feel about their psychotherapy changes over the course of the process, and it is important that these feelings can be shared and thought about.

Long-term psychotherapy can lead to greater insight, compassion, and self-awareness that people find of immense benefit in providing a sense of well-being. Importantly, psychotherapy can resolve unconscious or unaddressed problems permanently, releasing emotional energy that then becomes available for more creative purposes. People are understandably wary of embarking on this, so the therapist must ensure that the therapeutic relationship is strong enough to support a client through this.

I do not as a general rule offer advice or problem-solving tips or 'self-help' guidance. Psychotherapy is a collaboration in an imaginative and reflective enterprise.

  • BA (Hons), Cambridge University
  • PG Dip (wpf/Roehampton University)
  • FPC (Foundation for Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • UKCP

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