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Mr Christopher Vincent

  • UK Therapy Guide Certified Therapist

  • The Christopher Company, London, W1W 7AF + The Surrey Centre, Church Lane, KT18 6LX

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If you are reading this because you realise you want to make things better in a relationship in your life, Congratulations! Congratulations for having the courage to admit that relationship needs some work, it isn't perfect and you need help.

Relationships are not for the faint of heart! To create true closeness with those you love, sustaining trust, passion and authenticity, work is required. This work is not a "one off" but a daily commitment and one that needs you to take risks. It may be you are no longer a couple but need some help creating a relationship that works because you have children in common. I offer family, couples and individual therapy to support you as you find your way through what is not always an easy path. I also offer supervision, consultation and coaching to professionals.

If you are a man and reading this, more Congratulations! My work with men addresses how finding the language to describe male experience in relationships is often a tough journey, hard to put into words how confusing it can be to keep our partners happy and find happiness ourselves. Men suffer depression but fear talking about it as it is seen by society as weak and they will be embarrassed by others and excluded, but often find themselves on the outside as the depression sucks the joy out of everyday living and they disconnect.

My work with individuals, parents and families now spans over 40 years, and with couples more specifically for the past 15 years. In my work for the NHS I have offered parenting coaching alongside therapy, with consultation and supervision to other professionals and teams, provided trainings for both parents and staff groups through devising and delivering workshops.

I now work as an independent practitioner. I continue to offer family and individual therapy alongside working with couples using Imago Couples Relationship Therapy. I offer supervision and consultation for family therapists, individual practitioners and groups of professionals and life and parenting coaching.

  • PG Diploma in Systemic Therapy
  • PG Diploma in Systemic Teaching, Training and Supervision
  • CQSW

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