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Claire Beadon - Therapist

Claire Beadon

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    Balham, London, SW12 + Battersea, London, SW11 + Darlington, Durham, DL2

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I am a qualified counsellor/psychotherapist and have been practising for 20 years.

My aim is to be supportive and listen to the problems you want to talk about and for us to explore together why things may feel overwhelming so that I can help you to find a better way to manage these issues and bring about positive change in your life. I will work with you to suit your needs so that you get what you want from the sessions.

Life can be difficult at times and you may be finding it harder than usual to cope with the various problems you are having. You might be feeling more anxious than normal, have become overwhelmed or have feelings of low self-confidence and as a result you may be struggling to know how to make things better for yourself.

So you may want to talk to someone who is impartial - being able to share your feelings in a safe and confidential space can be incredibly helpful. I am both understanding and empathetic and we can work together to explore what you are finding difficult and I will support you to find better ways of managing your life.

It can often be really hard to bring about change and talking about what is going on for you, both now and potentially earlier in your life, can help you to make better choices for yourself in the future and get you to where you want to be in both your personal and professional relationships.

I also have many years experience of working with various forms of loss; the emotion of grief is what we feel after experiencing any major loss whether it is the ending of an important relationship, the loss of your job, following the death of someone significant to you or having to move home or country as well as other types of loss. These experiences can bring up very powerful and often confusing feelings which can be totally overwhelming and difficult to understand on your own.

I currently only offer sessions online via either Zoom, Signal or WhatsApp.

  • MSc Psychodynamic Counselling - Birkbeck

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