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Claire Draper - Therapist

Ms Claire Draper

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    Erith, Kent , DA8

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As a therapist I use my counselling skills to help the client or employee the best way that I can by putting into place the therapeutic modality for the quickest and best results.

Enabling individual growth for others and better understanding of themselves through self-awareness. If I was using psychodynamic, I would be working with the Client or therapist to unravel experiences and understand true feelings. This would work by bringing the unconscious mind into the conscious. This involves working with individuals who have defences. These defences can vary really from avoidance, denial and various other defenceswhich don’t help the person. Their defences can stop a person from connecting with thier uncomfortable emotions so they remain in the unconscious and cause harm.

I find those who engage with this therapy will connect with deep routed feelings so the person can connect with memories which they would have found hard to process in the past. I could do this in a therapeutic way by bringing defences into the Individual’s awareness and allowing them to apply new tools to help them challenge old negative behaviours. The self-help tools vary from home-work sheets and at times can be through reading various self-help books while we work together. While working with individuals, I will encourage them to open up during a counselling session or training exercise which allows them to connect with their thoughts and feelings. During this time the person’s memories may jump from subject to subject as the spontaneity allows this. Theautonomy during the session or training allows the client to voice their feelings and connect with them, maybe for the first time. As a therapist and trainer, I like to stay quiet and will interject on occasion with interpretations regarding the spoken topic. As the therapist, trainer, I will link connections with patterns observed from spoken topics during this time and help the individuals in their self-development, causing the people to experience personal growth. This is a quick process and is solution focused. Immediate problems can be resolved working this way and it would help normalise certain situations and feelings for the individual they may be faced with in life. The people/ clients who want to explore themselves benefit most from this type of therapy and will work using self-reflection, self-care, self-control and empowerment;benefits can be seen within first few months, if not weeks.

As a trained therapist I work within the BACP ethical frame work. I have an enhanced DBS and have certification as evidence to practice as a private Counsellor.

  • Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (QCF)

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