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Cristiane Prade - Therapist

Cristiane Prade

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It can be overwhelming to consider the possibility of counselling and/or psychotherapy. We often like to think that we shouldn't need any help to manage our own emotional and psychological life. I feel it is important to recognize that to consider starting therapy is a sign of health; even though it might not feel like that. There is a part in all of us that can be strong enough to voice a need for a help in order to become who we can truly be.

I developed my career mostly working with people who are physically very sick or who are going through bereavement, but I also have experience with a range of issues in working with people dealing with stress, mood disorders, relationship conflicts or simply searching for a more fulfilling life. I like to work creatively to meet the needs of each person. In order to do that I sometimes combine to my psychotherapeutic approach the expertise in music therapy and mindfulness. Besides, I use some techniques from different psychological perspectives, as therapy is a lot more to do with connection, respect and understanding. My premisse is one of existential therapy, specially focused on the contributions of Viktor Frankl and search for meaning.

Psychotherapy offers a non-judgmental, safe and supportive environment where you can express yourself and talk about your thoughts and feelings. It can help you better understand yourself and it allows you to resolve issues and conflicts that might be blocking your potential to live.

Before embarking on regular therapy sessions, I make an initial consultation.

All sessions held are confidential.

This first consultation is a conversation to answer any of your questions and to think about how we can work together. We talk about how I work, what you want from therapy and consider whether we should move forward with the process.

It is important that the customer feels safe, respected and validated in the needs that have been presented.

After the first consultation, subsequent therapy sessions are organized, usually at the same time and day of the week.

If you are dealing with an illness that limits your life and you have difficulty leaving home, I can offer you sessions in your own home.

In the case of families dealing with a serious illness, the sessions with family participation last 90 minutes.

Individual counselling / psychotherapy sessions (£75)

Support and family orientation sessions (£100)

I offer concessionary rates.

Due to the pandemic home visits are temporarily suspended.

  • BACP accredited psychotherapist
  • MBPsS
  • MA (NYU)

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