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My wide training & experience have given me an integrative approach, with the ability to suit my response to the issues at hand. But more important than the method, is the ability to help you contact your own unique, inherit ability for development and become the Master of your life & choices.

The wonderful journey of my role in Mental Health was prompted when I was expecting my first child, I devoured everything I could read about parenthood! I then started studying Psychology, volunteered in a MIND centre, moved on to working in half-way homes with RICHMOND FELLOWSHIP & have never looked back!

As well as my experience in the UK I have lived & worked abroad, notably in France.Thus adding the skills & experience necessary for working with Expatriates, intercultural issues and all that implies major changes, upheavals and stress in today's ever- changing World.

I suggest you contact me to make a first initial appointment, we can discuss what is going on for you & how I can help. I will explain how I work, given your particular needs & what to expect.

I offer On-Line, Phone & Face to Face therapy.

Looking forward to walking with you and helping you on your way. Diane

Further Information

Gestalt therapy, E.F.T. ( Emotional Freedom Technique), T.T.T. ( Trauma Tapping Therapy), Psychodrama, Psycho genealogy, Holotropic Breathwork, Rebirth and Life Coaching.

T.T.T. Trauma Tapping Therapy. The Guild, Ilkley UK – 2018; E.F.T. Practitioner Level 2. The Guild, Ilkley UK – 2017; Holotropic Therapist. IRETT, Paris – 2013 to 2015;Master Coach. H.E.C., Paris – 2011 to 2012;Rebirth Therapist. The French Association of Rebirth (A.F.R.) Paris – 2009 to 2010; Psychogenealogy therapist. Anne ANCELIN SCHUTZENBERGER School – 2008; Advanced Diploma in Gestalt with E.P.G. Paris – Mai 2007; Gestalt Practitioner Diploma with E.P.G. Paris – 1996; Therapeutic Communities Worker. Richmond/Fellowship, UK –1986 to 1987; Psychodrama – International Drama Therapy Summer School, York, UK – 1986; Re-Evaluation Co-Counselling Parts I & II – Betsy Thatcher, UK - 1985 to 1986; Social Sciences Degree Open University, UK – 1986

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  • Advanced Diploma in Gestalt ( M.A.)with E.P.G. Paris – Mai 2007
  • Gestalt Practitioner Diploma ( B.A.) with E.P.G. Paris – 1996
  • Master Coach. ( M.A.)H.E.C., Paris – 2011 to 2012
  • Social Sciences Degree Open University, UK – 1986
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