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Don French - Therapist

Don French

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Sometimes we may find ourselves overwhelmed with what life sends our way and we lose confidence in ourselves and abilities.

The reason for this is because we lose or misplace our coping strategies and we cannot regulate our reactions to the event.

These anxious or worrying feelings are caused by the 'fight or flight' process.

This is a protective mechanism that was passed down from our ancestors. It either saved them from danger or provided them with the means to get their family their next meal.

Although the 'fight or flight' is a protective mechanism, it can make our world seem scary and/or feel like an unsafe place to be in. At Life After Traumatic Events I understand this, that is why I provide a safe and friendly environment for you to engage with us towards therapeutic change.
You will not be judged and will be treated with the utmost respect, just as I would expect to be treated.

Sessions can be either a one off or a series of events, depending on your needs.

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