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Dougie Robertson - Therapist

Dougie Robertson

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    UK Therapy Guide Certified Therapist

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    Marlborough Business Centre (Suite 3), 96 George Lane, London, E18

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Are you struggling with anxiety & depression, loneliness or stress?

Do you feel held back from traumatic experiences from your past?

Is your relationship in conflict?

Are you seeking to realise long-awaited changes but don’t know how?

Tried talking to friends but without success?

Is now the time to seek professional help?

Talking Therapy

As a therapist I aim to help individuals understand that clinging to negative thoughts and feelings causes suffering. This pattern can become automatic and habitual, and at times can lead us to descend into downward cycles of low mood, anxiety and depression.

Together, at a pace that’s right for you, I will support you in developing greater perspective on your automatic behaviours, and, I will guide you in how to cultivate alternative, more skilful ways of working with them.
These strategies promote freedom from the cycles of suffering, and produce a felt sense of manageability, liberation and release.

Whether you’re hoping to understand and move beyond traumatic experiences originating in your past, or to realise long-awaited changes in your personal or professional relationships in the present, I’m here to help.

At all times I will listen empathically and offer you a kindly, confidential and hopeful relationship were you can bring all of yourself without judgement.

Mindfulness Practices

Alongside talking therapy I also offer mindfulness practices. These popular practices are above all practical in every-day life and help support the change process.

In short, mindfulness practices help us to 'respond' rather than 'react' to our negative states of mind, difficult people or situations in our daily lives. It offers us a solution to the frustration, despair and confusion associated with our habitual, reactive and 'avoidant' behaviours.

Over time, a more authentic you can learn to emerge, a more integrated you, in greater harmony with your difficult thoughts and feelings, more at peace with those around you, including your enemies.

If my approach resonates with you, and you’re curious to know more, then do get in touch.

Work Experience

I provide confidential support for adults and young people from all backgrounds.
My work experience includes running a successful private practice for 14 years and 5 years within the NHS Psychological Support Service.

I've also undertaken specialist training in ‘Imago Therapy’ to enable me to work effectively with couples in conflict.

In line with the BACP professional framework I attend regular clinical supervision. I also participate in officially recognised CPD courses, workshops and retreats to further my development as a therapist.

I'm well-travelled and have an interest in other cultures, which I believe enables me to work more effectively with cultural issues and diversity.

I volunteer for my local Buddhist centre and support mindfulness courses and meditation classes which are passed on to my clients on request.

Counselling sessions available. Mon to Sat, 9am - 9pm (GMT) Couples £90 and Individuals £70

Skype, Zoom and Whats App sessions available on request.

  • Adv Dip Level 4
  • Certificate in Couples Counselling
  • Mindfulness Practitioner

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