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Evelyn  Greaves - Therapist

Ms Evelyn Greaves

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A warm and friendly therapist who thrives on self-motivation and resilience. I enjoy communicating and being supportive and assisting others experiencing limiting conditions resulting in difficulties coping with the storms of life we all face at some point of life’s journey. A mindful individual who practices self-awareness in all aspects of life. It is rewarding to support clients to meet their objectives on their journey to becoming the person they want to be. I’m inspired and driven by the need to be understood and to understand, empathetically. I’m humbled by humanity’s ability to nurture and to be nurtured as a strength within relationships. I thrive on providing and maintaining a high standard of professional, ethical care to clients and I work within the limitations and boundaries set by the BACP Ethical Framework.

As an integrative therapist I am aware that one size doesn’t fit all. I implement appropriate levels of treatment according to the individual client’s needs. I respect client uniqueness and work with a range of issues impacting client’s wellbeing to support them to meet their objectives.

I work holistically, meaning that I work with the whole of a person’s mind, body, emotions, and spiritual needs. I address client’s needs overall ensuring that implicit needs are also identified and acknowledged. I introduce working with pictures, imagery and client’s senses/intuition supporting their autonomy to self-direct sessions.

I support clients to explore their perspective with regards to the experiences that challenge them in their world. Also to gain a deeper sense of what is important for them as an individual. On establishing what my client’s desire to work towards we become a team, working together towards making the necessary shifts to attain their goals. I enjoy engaging in dual relationships as a core part of supporting client’s self- healing process. I appreciate that clients are the expert and understand what is occurring in their life causing distress,

despair and, or uncertainty about their future. My aim is to gain a deep perspective of relational and behavioural patterns that either blocks, hinders or frustrates resulting in feeling stuck in situations they no longer choose to tolerate or experience.

My approach encourages clients to be transparent and less anxious about expressing experiences. I am transparent, honest, sincere, authentic, understanding, empathetic, creative, flexible, innovative, responsive, and accept client’s as they present. I’m non-judgemental and offer a secure and safe space for discussions.

I work closely with clients, establishing stable dual relationships. I endeavour to connect with client’s innate self to support with reducing their experiences of numbness, fear, stress anxiety and dissonance. Ability to resonate with client experiences and remain beside them throughout their healing process. As part of the client’s road map I’m passionate about supporting them to become empowered along the journey towards change. I continue supporting clients to sustain their newly found “freedom of self.” My work is psychodynamic and psychoanalytical as my focus is present-orientated and reflective on problem-orientation to assist clients to manage their feelings in the moment whilst addressing the negative impacts experienced in their past. We work collaboratively, strengthening participation and the quality of our relationship. I seek clarification on issues presented that require solution-based focused therapy. My approach is individualised ie person-centred and humanistic rather than theory based as I’m conscious of experiential situations that require a realistic approach to clients immediate support needs in particular during crisis. Working through difficulties, concerns, and desired outcomes.

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