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Gareth King - Therapist

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We all experience difficulties in life, which, for the most part, we overcome using our own resources and the support of others. Sometimes, however, what we face can overwhelm us and we find ourselves stuck in distress which we are unable to solve.

Whether you’re facing depression or anxiety, overwhelm or stress, loss or bereavement, addictions, or existential angst, I offer psychotherapy that can help you work through these painful feelings, to gain an understanding of yourself at a deeper level, and ultimately achieve the change you are seeking.

Working together, we will achieve change by first exploring what you're struggling with, where I will help you connect to and express how you feel inside. Often this will mean working through some very strong feelings of anger, sadness, shame, and fear, which can be very painful and difficult to process, but which I will help you with. Working through these emotions will help you achieve some relief from the distress that brings you to therapy.

From this point, we'll be able to look at your distress at a deeper level. Looking for what underlying painful emotions, experiences, and learned behaviours may be influencing how you feel. Often this will include working on the way you treat and talk to yourself, how you suppress your emotions or how you express them in less than helpful ways, and often, it will lead to working on how you feel about yourself, and how you think others see you. From this work, you will be better able to understand your feelings and what to do about them, including how to communicate yourself in a way that is both beneficial to yourself and also beneficial to your relationships.

As change is being realised in the therapy room, we will also be working on ensuring this change translates into the real-world. We will use real-world situations that you find difficult to explore what is being triggered in you, continuing to explore how this impacts you and helping you express yourself. I will be there to guide you through this difficult work, ensuring that you have actual experiences of being different in the world, both within yourself and with others, and ensuring that you gain the confidence you need to face and overcome the challenges that life will inevitably throw at you.

I understand that starting therapy can be a daunting task. You may have many questions about whether therapy is right for you. To help you answer some of these questions, please book an initial session so that you can try out therapy with me and decide if we are a good match.

To read more about the way I work, and to book your initial session, please visit my website where there is a secure online booking form. Alternatively, you can contact me by text or email.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your therapy journey.

  • First-class M.Sc., Integrative Psychotherapy
  • First-class BA(Honours) Counselling (CBT)

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