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Gessica Marengo - Therapist

Gessica Marengo

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    via Mameli 20, Milan, 200132

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i my name is Gessica. Born as a Freudian follower, I embraced then the Bio-Psycho-Social Model and the Behavioural-Cognitive Psychology, developing an integrative and humanistic life span approach of intervention. My clinical practice integrates these three reference patterns, offering to the Client the right answer to their needs and habits, also welcoming cultural
differences and origins. I like working per focuses establishing with the patient the right therapeutic
alliance and contract. Furthermore, I can blend MBSR Mindfulness sessions, in case of high level stress disorders or
I also promote my Clients a healthy lifestyle, suggesting: meditation, yoga, healthy food programs,
relaxing acupunture or physiotherapy with specialized medical doctors I regularly cooperate with and
whom I refer the clients. Specialized in Personality and Bipolar Disorders.

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