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Gillian Beckwith - Therapist

Gillian Beckwith

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Please, BEFORE BOOKING on the calendar, email the UK Therapy Guide contact address with your availability. March 2021: my schedule has few spaces so I'll need to clarify times before we can get started.

I happily work with all kinds of couples or individuals on their relationships and general personal dilemmas, for example, grief, loss, anxiety, depression and I have done so for a long time — more than 20 years. I have a solid block of training years at postgraduate-level behind me to help provide a safe, principled setting for constructive conversation to come up with realistic and workable changes.

Please note re COVID-19: Ordinarily I work face-to-face as well as online but for the time being my accrediting body COSRT sanctions online work only.

I feel that combining relationship therapy with the specialism of a psychosexual backdrop provides an ideal expertise to engage with all adult relationship experiences — one dovetails nicely with the other because often success with whatever your intimacy needs are is very much wrapped up in a couple’s relationship. Whether the sexual dilemmas are at the root of the relationship or vice versa, or a bit of both, I can help make more sense of things.

Long-term, I've consistently held posts involving voluntary sector, quangos, creative sector, publishing and industry as well as employment through private practice. The roles I've chosen reflect my desire for teamwork, senior responsibility (often under pressure), compassion, creativity and trust. Recently, I have practiced with Imperial College Hospital Trust building a good amount of work in providing therapy for those with Parkinson's Disease and their partners. Also, I've gained a substantial number of psychosexual and relationship therapy hours working for Relate, first off in 1989, and have since been employed by the agency at various centres, most recently at Westminster, London and Richmond, Surrey. The work has included initial assessments with couples and individuals. It encompassed issues of domestic violence.

To keep up to date with new research and thinking and extend my learning, I invest in continuous professional development courses. My clients come from varied sexualities, cultures, spirituality, age, abilities and backgrounds. I have a proactive, respectful and affirmative approach to difference and LGBTQ+ communities. My many years of working with pairs allows both parties to be accepted equally in their differing views. Sometimes shifting the focus to flexibly agreeing one-to-one sessions with each participant is useful too.

I strive to offer a flexible approach. Sometimes a few sessions might be needed or clients will suit a longer-term process. An initial session will help kick-start the work and give a clearer picture of what needs doing and how to go about it. My theory approach remains integrative, which means I have thorough training in more than one system and that I combine these — mainly psychodynamic, systemic and cognitive behavioural (CBT) — psychologies to best help. This blending acknowledges the importance of the idea that one size does not fit all. Above all, I hope this combination moves participants to find more resourceful emotions, thinking and actions.

  • Post-Graduate Diploma Psychosexual Therapy
  • MA Relationship Therapy
  • Relate Certified in Marital and Couples Counselling

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