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Glen Gibson

  • UK Therapy Guide Certified Therapist

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  • Rossendale Way Camden Town, London, NW1 0XB

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My aim is to bring clarity, sensitivity and creativity to my work, with warmth, maturity and humour, offering fresh insight in supportive, affirming ways. I have an impartial perspective, working both intuitively and with knowledge. Holding a perspective of self-determination, I view therapy as joint exploration, which may include exploring our resources, strengths, qualities alongside our limitations, frailties, vulnerabilities. Recognising we are all unique, I don't hold a one-size-fits-all, tick-box approach, acknowledging that no one counselling approach explains the complexities or holds the truth for everyone. In my counselling & psychotherapy practice I bring together over 25 years experience of working with people.
Dip Counselling
MA Psychotherapy
Dip Psychotherapy
BACP Accreditation
UKCP Membership

People come to counselling with various issues. These may include:

- Seeking another perspective
- Making sense of our emotions
- Feeling stuck or a gap in our life
- Life at some sort of crossroads
- Sense of drifting in life
- Dilemmas / Confusion / Contradictions / Decision making
- Adjusting to change or a new phase in life (e.g. post university blues, new surroundings, relationships, parenthood, retirement)
- Feeling lost or seeking deeper sense of self
- Feeling out of touch in life
- Needing a different structure or strategy in life
- Making choices, decisions or difficulties managing life's uncertainties
- Feeling closed down in aspects of our life
- Living life as if on automatic
- Living life in compartmentalised boxes
- Excessively analytical
- Either / Or thinking
- Preoccupation with future scenarios
- Excessively goal orientated
- Crises
- Stress, Anxiety
- Frustration
- Anger
- Living with life's uncertainities or unknowns
- The pain of living a life unlived
- Life's disappointments
- Boredom
- Depression
- General anxiety
- Excessive worrying about future scenarios
- Fear
- Sense of feeling out of control
- Denial of needs or excessively needy
- Intimacy, love or commitment issues
- Relationships or marital problems, marriage guidance, family difficulties
- Feeling confident, fulfilled, creative or in control in some areas of life (e.g. work) yet not in others (e.g. relationships)
- Self doubt, self esteem and self worth issues
- Excessive need for approval
- Shyness concerns
- No longer wanting to sabotage our life anymore
- Seeking a safe and secure place to stand in life, which feels authentic
- Risk taking
- Wanting to be understood or to clarify thoughts (e.g. understanding of why we are the way we are)
- Trauma
- Abuse
- Guilt and shame
- Feeling like a fraud or "pseudo-self", unable to take off our "mask" or showing one face to the world yet experiencing difficulty being real with anyone (e.g. wanting to be ourselves rather than what we "should be")
- Health related problems
- Bereavement / Grief (including the effects on men & women of pregnancy termination or miscarriage)
- Employment difficulties
- The impact of culture, discrimination, oppression, exploitation, bullying.
- A need to develop fundamental skills (e.g. decision making, relating with others, using critical thinking, managing emotions, developing empathy, being creative)
- Personal growth, development and creativity
- Men's problems, fatherhood
- Sexuality
- Sexual identity

Further issues people bring may include other very human dilemmas:

- Living our lives with its limitations
- Loss of focus, motivation or life purpose
- Reaching a "what now" stage in life
- Seeking/Wanting a different life impetus
- Life at a turning point
- Seeking a life meaning & context
- A search for a deeper sense of identity
- Questioning our life and achievements
- A sense of pointlessness or aimlessness
- A sense of alienation
- Something amiss - sense of emptiness or loneliness
- Seeking inner fulfilment
- Seeking deeper connection, inspiration or significance in life
- Exploration of how to live life with free will, choice and responsibility
- Religious issues
- Spirituality
- Reactions to spiritual awakening
- Wanting to live life to full potential

  • Dip Counselling, MA Psychotherapy
  • mBACP accredited
  • UKCP registered

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