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I aim to provide a safe space where you can explore your concerns without judgement, express and understand your feelings and thoughts, and gain clarity on what matters to you.

My main training, and the heart of how I work, is in existential psychotherapy. This means that I draw on philosophy as well as psychology to inform how I understand the sorts of concerns that might lead someone to seek therapy. I believe that we are each seeking to make our lives meaningful in our own personal way. to understand our difficulties, and to find our way to living as fully and freely as we are able to do. We are never isolated individuals, but always living in the context of our personal relationships, our social and cultural environments, and our own values and aspirations.

As human beings, we often hold ourselves back from achieving our potential, or find ourselves in difficulties in our close relationships, or struggle to find a sense of purpose in our lives. Therapy can help in unravelling some of the knots that we have tied for ourselves.

Therapy is concerned with exploring and clarifying your choices, values, or meanings, and addressing how you deal with the inevitable challenges of life. It aims to help you understand yourself, how you might repeat patterns of behaviour or relationship which are limiting or destructive, and how you might make different choices for yourself in the future.

Sometimes the origins of our difficulties lie in childhood and family experiences which have affected us as adults; therapy can be really helpful in enabling us to understand these influences and to overcome the ways in which they might limit us. Sometimes, it is more important to explore our present situation and think about future directions; therapy doesn't have always to be about the past.

I initially trained as a Gestalt counsellor, an approach to counselling which shares many ideas with existential therapy, and sometimes includes creative ways of exploring them in therapy.

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  • M.A in Existential Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • Diploma in Gestalt Counselling
  • Diploma in Integrative Supervision
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