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Karen Boram - Therapist

Karen Boram

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My work is to help overcome challenges which are overwhelming and to deal with issues of identity, difference and diversity. My passion is working with clients to help bring some clarity and balance into their lives, giving them permission to explore their life and to be in touch with their feelings and to help them with their own personal growth and self development,

My philosophy of counselling is based on the person as a whole - working on the mind, body and the emotions. My role as a counsellor is to guide and help a client along the journey of change by providing a safe place to promote a deep inner healing to help restore trust and harmony in ones 'self' and other relationships. Bringing more self awareness brings with it contentment and a walk through life with more focus, purpose and positivity.

The approach I use is individual for each client, dependent on my client's personality, story and emotional need. My counselling model is an eclectic blend of different elements of models or therapies ie. psychodynamic, humanistic and Intercultural and if required some initial grounding using mindfulness or focussing, alongside breathing techniques.

Models of counselling used:

Person-centred (PCT) - this approach facilitates personal growth and encourages self awareness of a client by allowing them to explore and utilise their own strengths and personal identity. Unconditional positive regard and empathy in a non-judgmental environment provides the vital support needed for a client to make their way through this therapeutic journey.

Transactional-Analysis (TA) - this focusses on what is actually being perceived and felt in the body which helps to guide thought patterns away from their usual way of thinking, in turn promoting personal growth and change. It is based on the theory of three ego states or distinct attitudes: parent, adult and child and by working with the ego states of an individual alongside other concepts and tools, this can help to analyse communication strategies and identify where interaction may have faltered and what interaction is now needed to move forward in a more positive way.

Gestalt - This philosophical approach is to work with clients and focus the experiential or present moment with an emphasis on what is being done and thoughts and feelings of an individual in the ‘here and now’ as opposed to what was, might have been, could or should be. This approach recognises that sometimes self-awareness becomes blocked by negative thought patterns and behaviours that can leave people feeling dissatisfied. By bringing thoughts and feelings into the present can provide insight into ways to alleviate current issues

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - this is a talking therapy and helps to manage problems by helping you recognise how thoughts can affect your feelings and behaviour. The therapy aims to break overwhelming problems down into smaller parts, making them easier to manage.

Focussing/Mindfulness: is a process to obtain new insights about one's situation with a connection using words and images in order to gain an inner awareness. It is often that clients have an ‘ah ha’ moment where something suddenly pieces together and leads to better understanding. At this point it isn’t fully understood, but the process of realising something is there, allows the process to move forward.

What to expect:

Counselling can be daunting and can be uncomfortable for some clients, so I will ease you slowly into the session by actively listening to your story in a non-judgemental and confidential setting. This first session will give you an insight into the world of counselling as a tool for providing you with a new perspective on and solutions to your issues. We will work together to focus on bringing clarity into your thoughts by reducing confusion which then allows for effective decisions. Decisions then lead to positive changes in behaviour.

Work experience:

Working with a key West Kent based registered charity, helping and supporting those affected by domestic abuse. Giving face to face support with detailed risk assessment and putting into place safety planning for clients.

NHS Counselling work at two GP surgeries helping clients with presenting issues to include trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety and relationship and gender issues (both for individuals and couples).

College counsellor supporting and counselling students with emotional and diverse presenting issues.

Most of my counselling work is from my private practice at my counselling room based near Sevenoaks, Kent.

  • ABC level 4 Therapeutic Counselling
  • Suicide Prevention Training
  • Bereavement & Complex Grief

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