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Kate Heavey - Therapist

Kate Heavey

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The Relationship Practitioner.

I believe that the very reason you are seeking counselling is, at its very core, because you have been, or are in, relationship and you have been injured. Whether these injuries are due to relationship issues, work issues, family issues, trauma issues, loss or bereavement issues, etc. it is all because of relationship. This is also true for areas such as control, perfectionism, low self-esteem, etc. as the underlying issues are linked to internal fears which have been created from being in relationship. There are also then the ill-effective ways that you have found to cope with your feelings, i.e. alcohol, food, avoidance, etc.

What is true is we are born as 'feeling creatures' and what happens along life's journey is we are told to suppress our feelings and use logic instead as a way to solve our problems which works for a while yet, eventually, it is our feelings that disable us, i.e. anger, resentment, sadness, loss, disappointment, etc. I call this very simply 'backpack full'.

We start learning from day 1 of life and I believe 'show me the boy/girl and I will show you the man/woman' as we can not help but be a product of all of life's teachings and our own learnings. What is absolutely true is, at some level, your learnt way of being in the world and the coping mechanisms you have implemented have worked for you up until now yet they are now causing you discomfort and distress and that is why you are here.

My style of counselling / psychotherapy is relational and what that means is that we work together looking at the 'how' of your way of living today. Together we find ways to aid you living more authentically to bring you more satisfaction, contentment, fulfillment and choices. in a nutshell we look to 'empty your backpack'.

Whether as an individual or couple, let's work on you thriving rather than just surviving.

  • BA (Hons) Counselling - University of Greenwich
  • FdSC Integrative Counselling - University of Greenwich
  • Advanced Certificate in Relationship Therapy (COSRT)
  • How to do Counselling Online: A Coronavirus Primer (Open University and BACP course)

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