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Larry Watson - Therapist

Mr Larry Watson

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    13-15 , Great Scotland Yard, London, SW1A

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My Experience:

I am a vastly experienced relationship counsellor dealing with self, family, work and others, including separation, divorce, affairs and betrayals. Personal issues such as anxiety, panic, depression and as a coach addressing professional issues. I bring a depth of understanding of the personal, often private, pressure that living today brings.

I first qualified in relationship counselling having trained with Relate and now have decades of experience enabling clients to develop better relationships, in all settings, including with themselves. Feedback from clients confirms that my non-judgemental interventions have impacted significantly in both their personal perception of themselves and their developing ease in the world, empowering, enabling and motivating them to know that they can experience life in a positive manner.

My work is driven at your speed, metaphorically I walk alongside you on your journey, facilitating your recognition of how to develop the life you want. I can support you in this, identifying where change, often in thinking and perception, can support you.

I have facilitated numerous workshops on better relationships for home and work situations, dealing with the negativity of abuse, violence, discrimination of all types, inclusion and exclusion, bullying, personal bias, unfair dismissal and redundancy, stress, anxiety, depression, communication, respect, recognition, validation and love.

How counselling works:

When we know better we are able to do better which is when life starts to change for the better. When we become more aware, we value ourselves and know where our boundaries are, and become clearer on what is acceptable and what is now intolerable and, importantly, understand how to manage both.

Issues I have dealt with:

I have supported clients through, relationship improvement and staying together, domestic abuse prosecutions, divorce proceedings and employment tribunals followed by their return to the new normal life they have achieved.

My services:

I work with clients on Skype, telephone and face to face sessions. The sessions are confidential unless it appears that harm or injury may be caused to yourself or another, at which point confidentiality if renegotiable. I am an accredited registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) abiding with their professional guidance and boundaries in working with clients.

I tutor Counselling Courses at Sutton College.

A recent client review:

Larry provided a safe space for me to explore my thoughts and feelings not only about past events but how these thoughts and feelings affect my present behaviours.
With new awareness I have been able to make changes in areas of my life that needed more positive attention.
I wanted to work with a counsellor who would challenge me in a way that I wouldn’t feel judged and Larry organically achieved this.
I found his approach of looking in to the past, exploring the present and suggesting activities between sessions provided me with a holistic approach to my therapy.

  • Certificate in Counselling
  • BACP Membership

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