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Michela Pucci - Therapist

Mrs Michela Pucci

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I provide treatments for a number of psychological difficulties. My model of psychotherapy is integrative, humanistic, and existential. It means that in order to best meet your needs, I will employ various strategies drawn from several therapy models. I am a specialist in:

Counselling, Psychosexual and Relationship therapy, also known as couples counselling and sex therapy.

My two primary professional trainings are fundamentally intertwined and allow me to work with people as a whole, whether you enter my clinic room with specific psychosexual and relationship problems or with other psychological concerns.

I have previously worked for Relate and the NHS as a psychosexual and relationship therapist, for a number of years. I still collaborate with the Breast Cancer Haven.

My practice is only for adult clients of all gender identities and sexualities.
I am a registered practitioner with AXA Health, AVIVA, WPA, Cigna, and Vitality Health.

Therapy can provide a well needed time out of a pressured life to sit and reflect, to unburden your heart and mind, to unravel, reconsider and make sense of your life and your relationships. To explore how experiences of the past still affect you in the present and give attention to your hopes and fears about your future.

My role as a relationship therapist is to facilitate a more honest, more explicit, more connected conversation between the people involved. We all have a tendency to reproduce our miseries with extraordinary consistency. In love relations, we approach each new relationship as the antidote to the problems of the last one, and, with daunting regularity, each new relationship turns out to be a new version of the old one(s).
What I am invested in is offering feedback about the dynamic between the couple, helping people notice and then address, unhelpful communication styles and ways of relating to each other.

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