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Monika Bassani - Therapist

Miss Monika Bassani

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    West Norwood, London, SE27

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Counselling is a private outlet in which to talk of difficulties emerging from family dynamics, interpersonal trauma, loss. It provides a safe space to explore your personal aims. I can guide you towards how to do those things, but the actual doing — that’s all you. It is about your choice if you decide to let go or modify part of yourself, you can oversee the pacing of your own growth.  

You as my client will profit from a congruent and confidential therapy service where you are acknowledged, accepted, and listened to with respect and value. All individuals are welcome irrespective of gender, body size, creed, religion, hair colour, abilities, sexuality, and political values.

In 2019 I have qualified as Life Coach, I am currently running both practices, individual and unique of each other.

Please note my practice hours are from 12pm to 8pm Monday to Friday, only excluding Bank Holidays.

  • Accredited Professional Therapy Training
  • Life Coach

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