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Peter Ryan - Therapist

Peter Ryan

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    Exmoor Street, London, W10 6BF

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I specialise in empowering clients to embrace self-agency.

With 13 years practising an exclusively active listening-focused therapy, clients who struggle with difficult feelings, intrusive thoughts and/or overwhelming emotions, can have confidence in my therapeutic credentials.

Clients who are wholly committed to reaching their goals in counselling with me, experience being fully supported, understood and guided throughout their process in a steadfast manner.

I also welcome, encourage and support clients whose objectives and commitment may be less formed, perhaps because of cycles of persistent confusion, and other complex challenges that consistently emerge to thwart full investment in fashioning optimum results from meaningful counselling.

Be assured, whatever your level of engagement, I will not only seek to align my empathic responses to relief stress, reduce anxiety and increase clarity, but will also endeavour to address your individual therapy requirements, so that more functioning realisations are made possible.

The open secret to effective counselling is centred on removing obstacles rather than on increasing tasks.

Your therapy needs will be always fostered around your immediate presence, to induce smoother cooperation, to gauge pace and boost endurance. Besides, rooting counselling in the here-and-now interaction ensures good, safe and ethical practice is available during all aspects of the therapeutic exchange.

Based on feedback from clients, I know that my therapeutic counselling was experienced as a freeing and life-changing event. However, it can only ever come into existence if you choose to access it.
Without you, my counselling capabilities will lay dormant.

Practice Experience

Empathy Zone (private practice) Therapeutic Counselling Service
Traditional face-to-face Apr' 2010 - present
Telephone Feb' 2012 - present
Online Jul' 2015 - present

Child and Adult Workforce Carer
Elizabeth House, London SE17NQ
May/June 2014 July/Aug’2015

Residential Detox (Alcohol/Drugs) supervision/counselling
Jan’2013 - May 2014

Child Workforce Counsellor
The Learning Centre, Orpington BR51EB
May-Nov' 2014

School Counsellor
Pupil Referral Unit, Bromley BR29EA
Apr' 2013-May 2014

Thomas Tallis
Secondary School
School Counsellor
154 Kidbrooke Road
London SE3 9PX
Aug’ 2009 – Jan’2012

Brent Addictions Counselling Service
Therapeutic Counsellor
249 Willesden Lane, London NW2 5JH
Jul' 2007 - Aug' 2009

  • Level 5 Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

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NHS Key Workers


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