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Rima Wansa - Therapist

Rima Wansa

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Integrative Sophro-Analysis is a mindfulness based psychotherapy that uses tools such as breathing, meditation and visualisation in the counselling process.

To be able to welcome and improve disorders linked to stress, emotions, fears and anxieties.
Release tension and access body-mind relaxation.
Re-connect with the body to express and become aware of its basic needs.
Know how to manage and relieve pain and chronic fatigue.
Improve memorization, learning and concentration skills.
Develop inner resources and adaptability.
Learn to observe, integrate and cultivate the “positive”.
Identify, understand, and disable repeating loving, family, and professional scenarios.
Exit from conflicting or unsatisfactory relationships and experience authentic relationships.
Develop internal security space.

It offers us an inner journey through our own life story and challenges our limiting beliefs in order to disable a losing scenario or a repetitive life pattern that has become too painful. It allows us to have an understanding of our psychological functioning and the mechanisms put in place that may underlie a certain type of behaviour. To inhabit the body as a whole and hear its messages. Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Counselling helps achieve great breakthroughs in the therapeutic process.

You are at the heart of a journey through which I will invite you to feel, breathe and slowly understand yourself in order to restore your power to act as an independent person. Sessions are always adapted according to your needs and your situation. I will accompany you in a process of welcome, discovery, awareness and transformation.

The session usually includes sophrology techniques, active listening, body awareness exercises, breathing exercises, static or moving relaxation, positive visualization and meditation. To learn to be simply in consciousness, in the here and now, the present moment, without judgment, anticipation, or rumination. It is an exploration of past wounds and traumas in order to defuse and pacify them. To learn to welcome and accept yourself as a whole with kindness.

  • Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
  • Sophro-Analyste
  • Sophrologue
  • BA Psychology

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