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Victoria Smith - Therapist

Mrs Victoria Smith

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We store so much of our lives in our bodies; our memories and past experiences, our history and stories. We can be unaware of just how much of an impact this has on our everyday lives; our interactions, reactions, relationships and choices. Our mind and body are inseparable, each has a huge impact on the other, yet so many of us struggle to integrate the two. Movement Therapy works in a way that encourages the integration/reintegration of all parts of our self - the physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual parts of us.

As your therapist I will be with you, as a facilitator and a witness, holding the space and being beside you throughout our journey together. My aim is to provide a space where you can feel safe and supported, so that you can access the therapy session in whatever way feels right for you. I am not a dance teacher and will not tell you or show you how or what to do, but I may support or guide you when appropriate. You have the freedom to move and express yourself in your own unique way, free from judgement or interpretation. It is important to me that everyone has the right and the means to have a voice and be heard - be that via communication through the body, or through spoken word.

We will work together within this process, and with an approach that suits you. During the session, there could be lots of movement or dancing or very little movement at all. We might focus on breathing, or on mindfulness techniques that helps you to take note of how or what are feeling in the body. You may choose to move independently or we can move together, and you may at times also ask for your movement/dance to be witnessed by myself. Each session can be quite different, but generally there will be a mixture of moving/body focused work and talking.

Sometimes we might work in silence and other times with the use of music. A particular piece of music might be used to help in the movement process, to reflect or evoke a feeling, or create a particular atmosphere. I may at times choose the music, however I do encourage you to make choices as well. You will also have access to different types of fabrics, ribbons, sticks and hoops which can be used as a prop to support particular kinds of movement or expression.
Art materials are also available to use if you wish, as some people find this helpful before or after moving, to reflect or record their feelings or experiences.

There is no right or wrong way, no pass or fail. Nothing is static and we are forever changing and evolving. There is always the potential for healing and change.

  • MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy
  • advanced Level Sandplay Therapy

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