Body-oriented psychotherapy works using facets of somatic psychology. It looks at the interactions between body and mind, based upon the idea that they act as one. Using a mix of psychology and science, body psychotherapy is a very adaptable therapy that can be effective when used one to one or in a group.

How we experience the world

When you visit a counsellor or analyst for body psychotherapy treatment, they may use such methods as breathing and movement to deal with physical or mental concerns. This takes account of the fact that we experience the world in two ways; via our body and through our thoughts.

Body psychotherapy is quite experiential, being influenced by many factors including Gestalt psychology, art and dance, neurology and biology and even Far Eastern culture. Your body psychotherapy counsellor will assess you and ask about your worries and concerns and if you have problems with trauma, loss, relationships etc. They may also take a body reading which will show them how your physical body is communicating certain information.

Establishing goals

Provided with a list of your concerns, goals will be established and techniques planned ahead to bring about your total awareness of your mind and body. This will be tailored to suit you and your present needs and capacity for awareness.

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