Brief psychotherapy, sometimes referred to as brief therapy, covers a mix of short-term and solution-oriented therapy. Your therapist will use it to investigate your unconscious psychological processes which are impacting upon your way of thinking and behaving. The goal of this therapy is to make you aware of what is going on within your subconscious – possibly of feelings that have been suppressed because they are too upsetting for you to deal with. If you are feeling anger or guilt or maybe even blaming yourself due to the actions of others, this brief psychotherapy will challenge your defences and bring these thoughts into view.

Tackling problems quickly

It is referred to as brief psychotherapy because your counsellor will use it to tackle your problems quickly. It is also a fairly dynamic procedure as the skilled therapist will work with your subconscious feelings about the past and present. These may be causing you to feel stressed, anxious, depressed or suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder or relationship problems. It can even help with somatisation disorders which is when your emotional state is expressed in the way of a physical problem. Drug use and promiscuity can also be dealt with using brief psychotherapy.

Tailored to meet personal circumstances

How long you need to be involved with brief psychotherapy will depend upon your personal circumstances and condition but normally up to 20 sessions will deal with even severe difficulties.

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