Often referred to as person-centred therapy, client-centred therapy is an informal type of talk therapy, developed by Carl Rogers in the 1940/1950s. Rogers was a humanist thinker who believed that generally, all people are good and that they each have a desire to ‘actualise’ or meet their potential to be the best they can be.

Non-directive therapy

Originally, Rogers referred to Client-centred therapy as non-directive therapy as he did not want the therapist to guide the client nor for the client to look to the therapist for guidance. Nowadays Client-centred therapy is also referred to as Rogerian therapy.

Unlike Freud who asked the counsellor to interpret the subconscious of their clients, Rogers insisted that the therapist remain non-directive; they should not pass judgement, offer suggestions or solutions. The counsellor and client should be regarded as equal partners throughout the client-centred therapy treatment. When you take part in client-centred therapy, your counsellor will be empathetic and provide you with a therapeutic environment in which to feel secure.

The client is in control

It is also important to note that during this treatment Rogers preferred to use the term ‘client’ and would not accept that using the word ‘patient’ was applicable. With patient inferring that a sickness needed to be cured, he firmly believed that this was not the case. His client-centred therapy relies on the fact that the client is seeking assistance but that they are in control of their own destiny and have the ability to overcome their own problems. Self-direction is vital to client-centred therapy.

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