CAT or Cognitive analytic therapy brings together ideas from cognitive therapy and analytic psychology. It takes a look at past events or experiences and uses them to try and understand why you are behaving in a certain way. Once this is known, your therapist can provide you with new ways of coping.

Examining objectively

When you are treated using cognitive analytic therapy, your counsellor will closely examine your present situation and any problems you have. Cognitive analytic therapy may last anything from four to 24 weeks depending upon the intensity of the condition. It is a therapy where the client retains control with your counsellor encouraging you to look at your current status objectively and from a distance. You will then be able to discuss what things need to change, with you contributing your own thoughts and desires.

Change of focus

Cognitive analytic therapy works by looking at your learned behaviours and considering if they can be adding to your current issues. It will show you how to change and focus in a more positive way. Your cognitive analytic therapist will need you to be up-front with them so that you can both devise new ways of coping. For this reason, they will make sure that you feel comfortable, secure and able to speak freely and openly in total confidence.

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