Eclectic therapy illustrates what it does by its name; it mixes together a whole host of philosophies and therapeutic principles in order to produce a treatment plan to suit the client.

Mixing together therapies

If your counsellor feels that eclectic therapy is suitable for you, they will not stick with one type of therapeutic approach but may bring together certain elements from several in order to produce a course of treatment that is perfectly suited to you.

Your eclectic therapist will use theories from many different schools of therapy, maybe bringing into play those they prefer or which they feel will have the most impact upon your condition. Their aim is to help you as quickly and as efficiently as they can, so this mixed bag of therapeutic treatments can provide you with a personalised path towards recovery.

Customised to suit

Because eclectic therapy is always customised, your counsellor can ensure that it best meets your needs and is most effective in bringing together a broad mix of integrated treatments. Any condition can be treated using eclectic therapy so whether you are suffering with addiction, eating disorders, depression, stress or compulsive behaviour, all emotional or psychological issues can be treated expertly by making use of tailored eclectic therapy. Once your counsellor has a complete understanding of your current condition, they will plot a course of action that will involve a totally eclectic mix of several therapeutic principles.

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