Family and relationship therapy sometimes referred to as Family and Systemic Psychotherapy, helps those that are in close relationships and need help and support.

Working with the whole family

A professional family and relationship therapist can work with all members of the family, helping them to express their problems and difficulties and show their emotions. This way, they can begin to understand each other and some of the conflicting views that may be present. Clients that take part in family and relationship therapy begin to appreciate each other for who they really are, build on strengths and get rid of negativity within their relationships with each other. Family and relationship therapy can help individuals as well as families.

Family and relationship therapy can also be useful for children and adolescents who may be struggling with a mix of problems and difficulties. This type of therapy has been designed to make each person aware of the needs of others within the family and show them how to recognise individual strengths and build upon them. Your family and relationship therapist will work with you and not ‘on’ you i.e. they will be sensitive to the complexities of the family unit and will show you how to move away from negativity towards a much more supportive place.

Mutual respect

They will encourage family members to talk freely about all issues, even distressing ones, respecting each other and supporting growth. If you are part of a family and have problems, then family and relationship therapy can be used to enable the whole family to communicate correctly, eradicating problems and resolving differences. Conflict and arguments will be reduced and each person will learn to adapt.

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