The term ‘human givens’ refers to a form of psychotherapy based upon the fact that all humans have specific needs i.e. givens, that need to be met. If these human givens are ignored and fail to be met, distress can result. These are not needs that have been developed by us in recent times but go back many thousands of years to when we required the most basic of necessities to survive.

Human givens that are not being met

Your analyst or counsellor will examine each of these human givens and will identify which of them are not being met. Because they are essential to maintain our mental and physical well-being, fulfilment needs to take place or mental health issues can rear their head. So deeply rooted are these human givens that they are programmed into our genetic material and are always present, despite the changes forced upon us by modern life.

A tailored solution

Human givens fall into two categories; emotional and physical. Your human givens therapist will have in-depth discussions with you and will make use of a range of techniques to find out which of your needs (human givens) are not being met. With this information in hand, they will then put together a tailored solution for you that will take account of your concerns and experiences. Human givens can help with a whole range of problems including depression, stress, addiction and relationship difficulties along with many more.

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