Humanistic and integrative therapy (HIT) is based upon the belief that people are able to self-determine the path their life takes. Being responsible for their actions, it focuses on the fact that we all have the ability to realise our true nature. When we find ourselves in times of suffering we need to reach out and find our purpose in life.

Making the right choices

Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy encourages creativity and the use of our ability to make the right choices. It takes account of the negative forces that are exacted upon us by society and understands that these can at times be terribly destructive, affecting our subconscious at the same time. HIT enables us to value ourselves and make the most of our inbuilt competence and abilities.

Humanistic and integrative psychotherapy makes use of a mix of approaches when offering therapy via an experienced counsellor. Your analyst will be aware that different clients have a variety of needs. With no one single approach being used, humanistic and integrative psychotherapy may encompass areas of existential and transpersonal psychology as well as psychodynamic therapy.

Treating the whole person

Your humanistic and integrative psychotherapist will build on the quality of the therapeutic relationship as being key to success. Within this framework, such things as the way you think, feel and sense will be emphasised. Your counsellor will aim to get to grips with the complexities of your case, taking into account what is going on with you internally as well as the effect of outside influences. They will work to treat you as a whole person made up of mind, spirit and body.

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