Integrative child therapy is used by counsellors and analysts to help children and young people who may be struggling with stress or behavioural difficulties. They will do this by building a strong and trusting relationship with the child and then introducing creative forms such as art, play and various media.

Expressive play

Particularly with young children, communication often comes in the form of play and this can provide the integrative child psychotherapist with a great insight into their behaviour as they express themselves. Depending upon the age of the child, puppets, drama and painting may also be useful, allowing them to explore their subconscious and discuss it safely and in confidence.

Integrative child psychotherapy may be used to help children with many issues, such as bullying, parents’ divorce, loss, aggression, problems at school, phobias etc.

At times both parent and child will be included when integrative child psychotherapy takes place. The counsellor will decide if this is relevant, depending upon the difficulties that the child is experiencing. As well as very young children, adolescents can also benefit from these types of sessions. Once they feel secure and able to talk freely, they can voice their fears about such things as exam worries, eating disorders, sexual concerns, peer pressure and much more.

Helping children of all ages

Being able to talk to someone that is not involved and who they know will be non-judgemental can provide children of all ages with a way of dealing with their worries and stresses. If they prefer not to be involved in creative activities then talk therapy will often help them to release their pent up feelings.

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