Analysts and counsellors that offer integrative therapy utilise a type of psychotherapy that boosts the value of each individual. It does this by dealing with the client on various levels, including physiological, behavioural and cognitive.

Integrating your personality

You therapist will help you by working to integrate the whole personality dealing with any unresolved aspects. Defence mechanisms will be reduced and you will be shown how to relate to people and re-engage with the world in general. The aim of integrative therapy is to enable you to operate with a fresh and open mind, devoid of any pre-formed and negative attitudes or opinions.

When you consult an integrative therapist, they will use well practiced techniques and solutions that will take hold of all of the transpersonal and social aspects surrounding you.

The focus will be upon human development and examining the needs and opportunities of each phase of life along with the methods used to deal with any issues that may arise.

Getting in touch with your individual ‘self’

Integrative therapy deals with as aspects of human functioning from a very deep level and depending upon your personal situation and problems, your counsellor will decide on a plan of action. If you feel as if you are struggling to bring together all aspects of your personality and that you may be behaving in a way which is not giving a true impression of who you really are, then integrative therapy can help. Your therapist will not look to change you but will work to bring together all of the good and positive elements that make up your own individual ‘self’. You will then be able to function as you should, making you feel happy to be you.

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