As you might deduce from the name, the technique of interpersonal therapy focuses on relationships. Your counsellor or analyst will investigate the main problems in your life and will listen while you talk about issues or conflicts with friends or family.

Repair relationships

Information from past experiences can be helpful, particularly if they relate to your current problems. Interpersonal therapy will be used to help you repair or improve relationships that you are struggling with at the present time. The therapy usually takes anywhere between two and four months or until your current symptoms begin to improve. Worst case scenario, it may take several years, depending upon how deep-rooted your problems are.

Your interpersonal therapist will look at four main problem areas, including:

  • Unresolved grief
  • Interpersonal deficits
  • Role disputes
  • Role transitions

Express buried emotions

You will be shown how to express your buried emotions in a good way. In time, this will help to improve your relationships, improve your communication ability and enable you to deal with grief or loss in a safe way, eradicating self-destructive behaviour. Interpersonal therapy has been shown to be extremely helpful when assisting those suffering from depression, addictions, eating disorders, bipolar disorders and many more.

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