A form of psychotherapy that your counsellor or analyst may use is Jungian analysis. They will work with you closely and confidentially to stimulate your consciousness, thereby allowing you to move towards true wholeness and psychological balance. At the root of Jungian analysis is the ability for your counsellor or psychoanalyst to align the unconscious and conscious personality aspects to provide you with a new purpose and values that will help you.

Discussing your dreams

Jungian analysis need to take place regularly if it is to have an impact and make a real difference to your problems. To begin with you may be asked to attend several sessions over a short period, depending upon how your treatment is to take place and what the analyst thinks is best suited to your individual status. There is no set way of carrying out the Jungian analysis so do not be surprised if your sessions change in frequency over the treatment period.

As your work with your therapist progresses and experiences and memories from the past are revealed, you will find yourself able to express yourself much more easily, even discussing dreams and your deepest rooted fears or worries.

Total confidentiality

The stronger the relationship between you and your therapist, the more efficient the process of Jungian analysis will be. The content of your discussions and sessions will always be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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Jungian Analysis – getting in touch with your individual psyche

By UK Therapy Guide

Jungian analysis or psychology originates from ideas put forward by Carl Jung. It focuses on the importance of each individual's psyche and ways in which they can be made ‘whole’ again.